Getting Started

Quick guide to start using Cheemscoin
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In this guide, it will show you how to set up your wallet for the xDai Chain, get some xDai and swapping it to get some Cheemscoin.
When making any transaction on the xDai network, set your Gas Price to 1 gwei, as that's usually enough for the transaction to confirm in a few seconds. You can see the current recommended Gas Price on Blockscout.

Preparing the wallet

First things first, you need to setup your wallet. The wallet that we'll be using in this tutorial is MetaMask, however this can be done with other wallets that support xDai directly or allow custom Ethereum chains to be added.
Please check this list from the xDai Chain team that have a list of wallets that officially support xDai. Instructions may be different from this guide.
Now that you have MetaMask setup with a wallet created (or imported), you'll need to add the xDai sidechain to your wallet to interact with Cheemscoin.

Add the xDai Chain and show Cheemscoin in your wallet

The official Cheemscoin website provides buttons on the homepage to easily add the xDai Chain and show Cheemscoin in your wallet. Simply go to the main site, and press the buttons under the logo.
They should look something like this.
Accept the prompts that show up when you press the buttons and open your wallet. Once there, you should be on the xDai network and have Cheems in your token list.

Get some native xDai

There are multiple ways to get xDai, either through by buying it through services that support converting fiat to crypto, bridging Dai from Ethereum with the xDai Chain bridge or by using faucets daily to get enough to buy some.
If you're unable to buy through Ramp, the faucets are empty or don't have enough Ethereum to bridge some Dai over, the xDai Chain documentation has some other ways.

Bridging Dai

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Note that the faucets listed here might be emptied and aren't refilled on a schedule, so the best path would be to purchase some with Ramp or bridging.
The faucets listed here allow you to grab 0.01 xDai once per day, a small amount to pay enough for transaction fees. However, if you have enough time, you could be able to grab enough to get some Cheemscoin. You can also use this to convert other tokens into xDai to pay for Cheemscoin.
Here is a list of faucets that are working as of the last edit made to this tutorial:

Directly buying through Ramp

Note that buying xDai through Ramp is currently not ready in the United States yet.
Remember to check what currency you're buying in with the country selector in the You Pay box.
Ramp Network is an exchange that allows you to buy some cryptocurrency with Fiat currencies, including directly buying native xDai. Looking at the prompt below, you will see something like this when you open the link.
What you will see upon opening the link. Currency may be different.
Simply replace the first box with how much xDai you want to want to get in that currency, then proceed. You will be asked to add a email to create an account with Ramp. Enter an email in and verify your account. Once done, choose a way to pay and follow the instructions. Once you send the payment, you will connect your wallet to Ramp and you'll recieve the token.
Remember to choose the right wallet address.

Get some Cheemscoin

Now that you have enough xDai, you are able to swap it for some Cheems. There are multiple places to swap it on the xDai network, as well as a way to convert it to and from BSC.
For this example, however, we're gonna be using the biggest supported exchange, Honeyswap. Honeyswap is the biggest DeFi exchange on the xDai network, and features the most supply of Cheems.
First, open the application. Then, you should see a menu like this:
The menu of Honeyswap.
Now you have Cheemscoin, and are able to do other things with it.