Where to buy Cheemscoin

A list of exchanges that support Cheemscoin and being swapped from other tokens

xDai Chain

Main exchange

Honeyswap is the biggest exchange currently supporting Cheemscoin and is considered the best place to buy Cheemscoin from. Supply began on the website a day after the token was minted with 25 CHEEMS for 0.25 xDAI, making the initial price 1 cent. As time went on, other pairs were created with other tokens, as well as more liquidity being added, eventually leading to hundreds of dollars being set as liquidity today.

Other exchanges

These exchanges are no longer supported or have extremely low liquidity
  • Sushiswap's xDai variant also has Cheemscoin ready, but is extremely underfunded and only has about 10$ pooled as of the last update.
  • Swapr is available to be used, however it still has very low amounts of liquidity and has about 10-15$ pooled as of the last update.
  • Baoswap had a small amount of supply for a few days, but was abandoned shortly after.
  • Levinswap is similar to Cheems' history with Baoswap, but lasted a little while longer (9 days).
  • The Cheemscoin website used to have at one point a feature that let you directly buy from the website with xDai, however due to no automatic price updating and needed to be funded manually by contract owners, it was deprecated and removed soon after the supply ran out.

Binance Smart Chain

Currently, the only exchange on BSC that supports Cheemscoin's bridged variant is PancakeSwap, and the only pair is CHEEMS - WBNB.